Axure Bootstrap UI Widget Library


This was the first professional library I ever made.  It’s 109 widgets based off of the Bootstrap 3.2 theme.  I believe Bootstrap 4 will be launching soon, and I’ll likely have to update the library then or make a new one.

This is currently featured on’s widget library page.  And has received almost 10,000 downloads in the past year.  It’s completely free, you can pick it up here.

I never added proper h1 h2 and paragraph text to the library, but I feel like that can easily be done yourself.  The one thing I need to do though is add proper input fields.  For some reason Bootstrap doesn’t feature those on the theme page.  So I disregarded them.


I initially created this library as a personal project.  I wasn’t even planning on releasing it.  I wanted to test the fidelity limits of Axure.  And what I found was that there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish, design wise.  This project has led to a much larger project which is my axure themes site.

I love designing with Axure, it’s so fast.  I can make a new website, and iterate it several times before I could even finish designing one in Photoshop.  Of course Photoshop can do things that Axure can’t, but if I need some graphics then I’ll just make them in Photoshop and import them back into Axure.

This blog, and my Axure Themes site, are all about pushing the design limitations of Axure, and opening a new world to Axure users.  It’s currently not seen as a design tool, but I intend to change that.


Author: Adam

Founder of, and Senior UX prototyper.

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