Axure’s Ridiculously Useful, but Overlooked Features | UX Beginner

I love this article, not just because it talks about Axure from a design standpoint, but because it highlights some of the glaring weaknesses in programs like Photoshop and Sketch.  I’d much rather design in Axure these days, though I know I’m in the margins.

A UXB member recently asked…”How do you make links in Sketch?” The simple answer is you can’t. Due to the popularity of Photoshop and Sketch – which are dedicated UI design tools – prototyping tools like Axure get overlooked.

If Photoshop is the reigning queen of design software, then Sketch is the new hot girl in town. And Axure…is Ugly Betty.

Though the packaging isn’t as “sexy” as Sketch or PS, don’t be fooled. Graphic designers often ignore Axure because it’s not a high fidelity tool, but most overlook how incredibly fast and powerful Axure can be as a rapid prototyping tool.

There are many good UX and design tools coming out every week. But Axure is the closest thing to a true UX tool I’ve used.

In this article, I will uncover the gems in Axure that make designing much faster than other programs.

By the time you’re reading you’ll smack your head and think “My god, why doesn’t all design software do that?”

via Axure’s Ridiculously Useful, but Overlooked Features | UX Beginner.


Author: Adam

Founder of, and Senior UX prototyper.

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