A User Friendly Way to Add Cursor Pointer to Axure Prototypes


If you are like me it probably bothers you when an element in Axure has a hover state but the cursor doesn’t change to a pointer.  The interaction feels wrong.  As a solution to this, many users will add a blank link to the element.

OnClick – Open Link – Hyperlink “#”

This is the solution I frequently see on forums and in other users prototypes that I play around with.  But I think it’s a bad solution.


The reason it’s a bad solution is that it trains the user not to click on things.  A “#” hyperlink will instantly refresh the page and put the user back to the top…which can be somewhat irritating.  So instead of being able to explore the prototype freely users will get click-shy, afraid that clicking an element will send them to the top of the page again.

A better way to get the cursor to change to a pointer is to add an empty interaction to the element.  My personal favorite is to add a 1ms wait time to the OnClick event.  This ensures that the cursor changes, while still allowing the user to click elements without disrupting their experience. This is especially important if your prototype includes elements with an active state.


So consider using this method in your future prototypes.

Update: Had a comment pointing out that there is an even easier way to do this! You can simply add a blank OnCase event and it will change the cursor. (Thank you to Chuck for the help.)

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Author: Adam

Founder of AxureThemes.com, and Senior UX prototyper.

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