Entypo Icon Library for Axure 8

Entypo Icon Library for Axure 8
Entypo Icon Library for Axure 8

Utilizing Axure’s wonderful new svg to custom shapes feature, I created a free Axure library for the Entypo icon set. It contains 311 fully editable icons that you can use and adjust in a non destructive manner.

Free Download

Edit size, shape, color, stroke, gradients, and shadows.  All icons behave essentially like vectors.

Original library created by Daniel Bruce.


Recreated in Axure under the Creative Commons license.


[Axure Tutorial] Use SVGs in Axure with Custom Shapes

svg to custom shapes in Axure

In their last major update, Axure quietly introduced a phenomenal new feature giving Axure users the ability to use SVGs in a robust way directly in Axure.  Use this quick tutorial to find out how to incorporate SVGs into your next Axure project.

First you’ll need an SVG file.  There are many great sites to find svg icons, such as Flaticon.com.  Or you can create your own SVG in a program like Adobe Illustrator.  The icon needs to be simple however.  Axure still can’t support complex SVG that have multiple colors.  I tested some logo SVG’s, and was unable to get an editable shape.

Once you have an SVG, drag it onto your canvas.

Then select the SVG and right click.  You should get a menu that looks like the image below.
convert svg to shapes in axure

If you have an SVG that is editable in Axure, you will see the option to “Convert SVG to Shapes”.  If your SVG is too complex however, that option will be greyed out.

Once you select this option the SVG will be converted into an Axure shape, and you will be able to customize the shape in all of the ways Axure shapes can normally be customized: colors, gradients, backgrounds, shadowing, stroke, and even changing the points and paths to create new shapes.

Voila!  Edit SVG’s directly in Axure.  What could be better?

[Axure Trick] Lock Pages in Axure 8 with a Unicode Character

I’m currently in the middle of a UX contract that is for a moderately large redesign.  As is somewhat common, the wireframe phase has been cut into smaller phases in order to stagger some of the design work in.  One of the issues working like this is making sure the client has a clear understanding of what pages have already been approved (and locked) and which pages are still open to revisions.

If Axure has a native solution to this I’m unaware of it. I know I can edit the sitemap to have certain pages not show up in the generated prototype.  But this seems like an inferior solution, as the client might still want to see some of the approved pages in order to make more informed decisions about pages that are still in the approval process.

Enter unicode characters!


You can copy paste the above unicode character directly into your page names in Axure!

Internally it will look like this.
locked pages

Clients and stakeholders viewing the AxShare prototype will get a nicely colored lock that appears in the sitemap, as well as within the page title and URL.

locked axshare


Your pages are now “locked” and your coworkers will think you’re a genius (even though you aren’t).

Huge Update for Bootstrap 4 Axure Widget Library


Live Preview      Download

The guys over at Bootstrap made some rather large changes in their last few alpha updates of Bootstrap 4.  So I went ahead and implemented a lot of those changes in my Axure library.

Changes included:

  • New typeface Segoe UI takes the place of Arial
  • New component styling for many of the widgets; new accordions, tables and cards.
  • Added widget styles for the more common elements
  • Simplified the builds of some of the widgets, taking advantage of Axure 8’s increased functionality (rounded corners, selective border treatment, etc)
  • Simplified form inputs.  Placeholders are now Axure native, rather than separate elements.
  • Added in more disabled states.  All of which can be toggled on and off directly in Axure.  (Right click element, select “disabled”.)

The library feels really strong at this point.  Probably will be very close to the final Bootstrap 4 release, if I had to guess.

The Best iPhone Axure Widget Library


The finest iPhone and iOS Axure widget library is here.  Packing in hundreds of components and dozens of templates, the iOS 10 library has everything needed to quickly launch your next iPhone design project.

Live Preview    Download


Download Includes

  • Axure widget library (.rplib file)
  • 19 Fully designed templates (.rp file)
  • Handy template for copy pasting elements (.rp file)
  • Icon library (.rplib file)
  • 23 Wallpapers, including blurred versions
  • Black and white iPhone mockups for presentation purposes


Features You’ll Love

  • Well organized and labelled elements
  • Built from the ground up using native Axure elements
  • Pixel perfect replication of iOS 10
  • Free Google Fonts ready for AxShare


Many updates are planned, included more templates, more icons, and updated widget styling to stay current with future iOS 10 releases.



No images were used to create the widgets and templates you see in this library.  (Other than the actual background images and Apple icons.)  Everything was built up using native Axure elements.

Live Preview    Download

[Axure Tutorial] Fake an iOS 10 Blur Background Effect

A short video tutorial on how to recreate an iOS 10 blurred background effect on a widget.

Free Axure iOS 10 Home Page Template


Free Download

Free Axure iPhone template based on the new iOS 10 release from Apple. Well crafted to be a pixel perfect replica of iOS 10.

You can also check out the full Axure iOS 10 widget library here.