Adobe XD Salesforce Component Library

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Adobe XD Salesforce Lightning Design System Components


This product has not yet been created. I’m looking to gauge interest, so if you want this product to be created please download the empty file. If enough people show interest I will put together the components library. I’ve already created one for Axure, which can be found here:



Axure UX Persona Templates


Axure UX Persona Templates
Save hours of work on your next UX persona project. Quickly customize a template instead of starting from scratch.


Download Includes
3 Persona templates (.rp file)

Features You’ll Love
Google fonts
Simple and stylish design
Easy to customize
Multiple layout options

Ionicons Axure Icon Library


Ionicons Axure icon library, the premium icon font for Ionic Framework. 100% free and open source.  Vector/SVG icons are fully editable within Axure.

700+ total icons.

Download the Library

How to Use San Francisco Font on Windows (2017)


If you are a lowly Windows user like myself, and work with iOS, you are probably frustrated with how terrible Apple’s support is for Windows users.  I know I am.  So I’m going to show you a quick and easy to way to download, install and use the San Francisco typeface on Windows.

Step 1: Download the font package from Apple.

step 1

Make sure to download the regular fonts and not the compact fonts for watchOS.  The download will have an annoying .pkg file that Windows users will be unable to open immediately.  That’s okay.


Step 2: Download and install 7zip.

This will allow you to dig into the .pkg file and navigate to the font files.


Step 3: Open the .pkg file using 7zip.

The fonts will be found by navigating to San Francisco Pro.pkg > Payload > Payload > . > Library > Fonts

Select all of the font files and click the “Extract” button in the top navigation of 7zip.  Once extracted you can install the fonts like any other Windows font.

7zip extraction


And that’s it!  Hope this helps your next iOS project.

iOS 11 Axure Widget Library


The iOS 11 Axure widget library has arrived. Pixel perfect widgets built to spec using Apple’s UI Design Resource guidelines. Smartly crafted and well organized, most components and icons are completely vector and fully editable.

Live Preview

Download includes
Axure widget library in both light and dark themes
300+ Widgets
10 Templates
Free updates for life.

Apple Interface Guidelines


Axure Windows 10 Widget Library for UWP Apps

Axure Windows 10 Widget Library

Axure Windows 10 Widget Library for UWP apps. Based on the Fluent Design System. Hundreds of pixel perfect widgets in both light and dark themes.

Live Preview

Download Includes

Axure windows 10 widget library – light theme (.rplib)
Axure windows 10 widget library – dark theme (.rplib)
Windows 10 icon library (SVG/vector) (.rplib)
Demo file for copy pasting (.rp)

Axure Landing Page Builder

Axure Landing Page Builder Banner
Axure Landing Page Builder Banner

Live Preview

Landing Page Builder is a library of interchangeable landing page components that can be used in a drag and drop fashion with Axure RP. Mix and match different page sections to create custom landing pages faster than ever.


Download Includes

  • Axure Widget Library (.rplib file)
  • Starter Template (.rp file)
  • Free updates for life.


Features You Will Love

  • Grid Design
  • Global Widget Styles
  • Customizable Icons
  • Google Fonts ready for AxShare
  • Well organized and labelled
  • Clean and modern web design