Ionicons Axure Icon Library


Ionicons Axure icon library, the premium icon font for Ionic Framework. 100% free and open source.  Vector/SVG icons are fully editable within Axure.

700+ total icons.

Download the Library


Google Material Design Axure Icon Library


Free Download

900+ icons, fully editable within Axure 8.
All icons have been converted from svg to custom shapes. Edit size, shape, color, stroke, gradients, shadows, in non destructive manner.
All icons behave like vectors.

Icon Categories

Icons repurposed for Axure use under the Apache License Version 2.0

Entypo Icon Library for Axure 8

Entypo Icon Library for Axure 8
Entypo Icon Library for Axure 8

Utilizing Axure’s wonderful new svg to custom shapes feature, I created a free Axure library for the Entypo icon set. It contains 311 fully editable icons that you can use and adjust in a non destructive manner.

Free Download

Edit size, shape, color, stroke, gradients, and shadows.  All icons behave essentially like vectors.

Original library created by Daniel Bruce.

Recreated in Axure under the Creative Commons license.

Axure UX Flowchart Cards


UX Flowchart cards for Axure 8.  Includes 128 flowchart cards in multiple categories, with extra tools, icons and buttons to make it easy to create your next user experience journey.

Quickly drag and drop your next UX flow.

Download      Live Preview

Download Includes

  • Axure UX Flowchart Cards Library (.rplib file)
  • Image library containing all 128 cards (for use in any program.)

Flowchart Card Categories Included

  • Article
  • Blog
  • Brands
  • Contact
  • CTA
  • Dashboard
  • Ecommerce
  • Features
  • Footer
  • Gallery
  • Grid
  • Header
  • Landing Page
  • Portfolio
  • Pricing
  • Settings
  • Sign Up / Sign In
  • Social
  • Team
  • Testimonials

Tools Included

  • Arrows
  • Buttons
  • Icons


Original design work by Johan Netzler. This library was recreated with his direct permission for use with Axure RP. Thanks again Johan!

Full Kit Screenshots

ux flowchart cards screenshot

Axure Social Media Widget Library


Live Preview     Download

Axure library including 208 total widgets. Quickly add social media icons (and other popular brands) to your next Axure project without having to track down each logo and color yourself. Library is built on Font Awesome, so you can customize everything! There are no images in this library. You can change sizes, background colors, icon colors, gradients, inner shadows, drop shadows, text shadows. Anything that can be done in Axure can be applied to this library.

Library also includes global widget styles for those who enjoy using Axure’s widget style editor. Change between icon shapes and sizes by simply changing the base style. Also includes hover and disabled states.

Download Includes

  • Axure library (.rplib file)

Library Includes

  • 26 of the most common social media icons and other popular brands
  • 208 widgets
  • Global widget styles
  • Full cards containing all icons separated by brand
  • Official logos and hex colors
  • Color swatches, for fast color picking
  • Defined hover and disabled states

Things You’ll Love

  • Everything is completely customizable, no images were used to build these icons
  • Built with Font Awesome
  • Never spend time tracking down official hex colors or logos again.
  • Exceptionally well organized and easy-to-use library.
  • All elements are properly named, you won’t waste a second doing extra work
  • Support from an Axure guru, just holler at me on Twitter if you need anything. @AxureThemes


The Best Way to Add Font Awesome to Axure Prototypes


I use Font Awesome quite a bit in my design work.  It’s lightweight, easy to implement, and opens up a lot of styling options.  But if you search the forums on Axure there are some discrepant accounts on how to add Font Awesome to your prototype.  So in this post I’ll show you 1) how to use Font Awesome in your Axure prototypes, and 2) how to embed Font Awesome into your .rp file for projects that will be uploaded to AxShare.

1) Download the latest version of Font Awesome

2) Install

If you are unfamiliar with installing fonts, the zip will include various font formats.  You can just install the OpenType version and leave the rest alone.

font awesome install

3) Copy Paste from the Font Awesome Cheat Sheet

This is the easiest way to add font awesome icons to your prototype.  Just copy from the cheat sheet, and paste into any text element in Axure.

Note: make sure you copy the actual icon and not the icon description.  (See image below with the Amazon icon selected.)

copy image

4) Change the font family to Font Awesome in Axure.

When you paste in the icon you’ll usually get a small square rather than the icon you pasted.  So you need to change the font family over to Font Awesome to actually see the icon in your prototype.  (See image below.)

font awesome selection

5) Customize the Icon!

This is the funnest part obviously.  You can control size, color, shadowing, and with a little cleverness, you can even add gradients.

Note: Change the size of the icons through the font sizing, not the height and width attributes.

s.example twitter icon

This is all well and good for playing with Font Awesome locally, but if you upload your prototype to AxShare and someone else views it they won’t see the icons unless they happen to have Font Awesome installed on their computer.  Unlikely.

So it’s good practice to always embed fonts into your prototype.  Here’s how you do that for Font Awesome.

1) Copy the latest Font Awesome stylesheet href from the link below.

Make sure to only copy the actual link without quotation marks, like this: awesome href example

2) Paste this link into the Web Fonts screen in Axure.

Publish -> Generate HTML Files -> Web Fonts

font awesome web fonts axure

You don’t have to click Generate.  You can just close this screen out, save your project, and you’re all ready to upload to AxShare and show other people your awesome designs.

Happy Prototyping.

Edit: Font Awesome has changed how they display the current public styelsheet to reference.  It’s actually annoying how they do it now.  But here is the most up to date link.