[Axure Trick] Lock Pages in Axure 8 with a Unicode Character

I’m currently in the middle of a UX contract that is for a moderately large redesign.  As is somewhat common, the wireframe phase has been cut into smaller phases in order to stagger some of the design work in.  One of the issues working like this is making sure the client has a clear understanding of what pages have already been approved (and locked) and which pages are still open to revisions.

If Axure has a native solution to this I’m unaware of it. I know I can edit the sitemap to have certain pages not show up in the generated prototype.  But this seems like an inferior solution, as the client might still want to see some of the approved pages in order to make more informed decisions about pages that are still in the approval process.

Enter unicode characters!


You can copy paste the above unicode character directly into your page names in Axure!

Internally it will look like this.
locked pages

Clients and stakeholders viewing the AxShare prototype will get a nicely colored lock that appears in the sitemap, as well as within the page title and URL.

locked axshare


Your pages are now “locked” and your coworkers will think you’re a genius (even though you aren’t).