Axure Landing Page Builder

Axure Landing Page Builder Banner
Axure Landing Page Builder Banner

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Landing Page Builder is a library of interchangeable landing page components that can be used in a drag and drop fashion with Axure RP. Mix and match different page sections to create custom landing pages faster than ever.


Download Includes

  • Axure Widget Library (.rplib file)
  • Starter Template (.rp file)
  • Free updates for life.


Features You Will Love

  • Grid Design
  • Global Widget Styles
  • Customizable Icons
  • Google Fonts ready for AxShare
  • Well organized and labelled
  • Clean and modern web design




The Best iPhone Axure Widget Library


The finest iPhone and iOS Axure widget library is here.  Packing in hundreds of components and dozens of templates, the iOS 10 library has everything needed to quickly launch your next iPhone design project.

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Download Includes

  • Axure widget library (.rplib file)
  • 19 Fully designed templates (.rp file)
  • Handy template for copy pasting elements (.rp file)
  • Icon library (.rplib file)
  • 23 Wallpapers, including blurred versions
  • Black and white iPhone mockups for presentation purposes


Features You’ll Love

  • Well organized and labelled elements
  • Built from the ground up using native Axure elements
  • Pixel perfect replication of iOS 10
  • Free Google Fonts ready for AxShare


Many updates are planned, included more templates, more icons, and updated widget styling to stay current with future iOS 10 releases.



No images were used to create the widgets and templates you see in this library.  (Other than the actual background images and Apple icons.)  Everything was built up using native Axure elements.

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Axure Salesforce Widget Library

gtnjmfzLive Preview

The Axure Salesforce widget library has arrived! 193 remarkably interactive widgets, meticulously crafted pixel by pixel from the Lightning Design System CSS. For use with Axure RP 8 only.

Download Includes

  • Salesforce Widget Library (.rplib file)
  • Template file used to build the demo (.rp file) For users who prefer to copy and paste.
  • Salesforce Icons (PNG and SVG)
  • Free updates for life – This library will be updated from time to time and you will automatically be notified by email with a download link anytime I make an update.


Library Includes

  • Activity Timeline
  • Badges
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Buttons
  • Button Groups
  • Icon Groups
  • Cards
  • Date Tables
  • Datepickers
  • Docked Composer
  • Feeds
  • Form Elements
  • Lookups
  • Media Objects
  • Menus
  • Navigation
  • Notifications
  • Page Headers
  • Panels
  • Pills
  • Popovers
  • Publishers
  • Tabs
  • Typography
  • ***And a special default section so users don’t have to switch between libraries constantly. Default library includes the most common elements used when prototyping like a simple button, dividers, checkbox, etc.


Features You Will Love

  • Global styles utilized for hover, active, disabled and selected states. This means you can change styles once, and have every widget update automatically.
  • Well organized and labelled elements.
  • Widgets behave like genuine Salesforce widgets, with every state of interaction meticulously recreated. Even checkbox focus was preserved, in an attempt to perfectly mimic the Lightning Design System specifications.
  • CSS perfect styling. I spent countless hours inspecting element in browser to ensure that each widget exactly matches the Salesforce CSS.
  • Widgets built using simple and intuitive Axure best practices.



  • Roboto
  • Salesforce
  • Lightning Design System


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Axure Mobile Wireframes Kit


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A brilliant new mobile wireframe kit for Axure RP.  Includes 56 well crafted screens to jump start your next project.  Easily modify to create new wireframes, or fill out the design for high fidelity mobile design work.


Live Preview    Download    Free Trial Version

Axure Foundation 6 UI Kit

blog-coverThe best Foundation UI kit ever created for Axure.  Based on the new Foundation 6 release from Zurb, this widget library features 109 meticulously crafted widgets and 6 amazing starter templates ready to go for your next prototype.

Download      Live Preview

Built with Axure users in mind, and utilizing best practices, the Foundation 6 library is one of the easiest to use libraries ever created. Build beautiful and functional prototypes faster than ever.

Download Includes

  • Axure Foundation 6 Library (.rplib file)
  • 6 Starter Templates (.rp file)
  • Quick start guide, so you can hit the ground running.

Features You’ll Love

  • Common widgets section – similar to Axure’s own native library
  • Hover, active, focus and disabled states.
  • Elements built using global styles for ultra fast customization
  • Extremely organized
  • Well labelled elements

Library Includes

  • Buttons
  • Button Groups
  • Headers
  • Badges
  • Labels
  • All Typography
  • Switches
  • Callouts
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Pagination
  • Navbars
  • Dropdowns
  • Tooltips
  • Modals
  • Tabs
  • Thumbnails
  • Tables
  • Progress Bars
  • Forms and Inputs
  • Orbit (Carousel)
  • Accordion
  • Building Blocks (with more on the way.)

Templates Included

  • Real Estate or Travel
  • Ecommerce
  • Agency
  • Blog with Sidebar
  • Blog Single Column
  • Product Page


Download      Live Preview

Axure Social Media Widget Library


Live Preview     Download

Axure library including 208 total widgets. Quickly add social media icons (and other popular brands) to your next Axure project without having to track down each logo and color yourself. Library is built on Font Awesome, so you can customize everything! There are no images in this library. You can change sizes, background colors, icon colors, gradients, inner shadows, drop shadows, text shadows. Anything that can be done in Axure can be applied to this library.

Library also includes global widget styles for those who enjoy using Axure’s widget style editor. Change between icon shapes and sizes by simply changing the base style. Also includes hover and disabled states.

Download Includes

  • Axure library (.rplib file)

Library Includes

  • 26 of the most common social media icons and other popular brands
  • 208 widgets
  • Global widget styles
  • Full cards containing all icons separated by brand
  • Official logos and hex colors
  • Color swatches, for fast color picking
  • Defined hover and disabled states

Things You’ll Love

  • Everything is completely customizable, no images were used to build these icons
  • Built with Font Awesome
  • Never spend time tracking down official hex colors or logos again.
  • Exceptionally well organized and easy-to-use library.
  • All elements are properly named, you won’t waste a second doing extra work
  • Support from an Axure guru, just holler at me on Twitter if you need anything. @AxureThemes


Bootstrap 4 Axure Widget Library


Live Preview   Download

The most comprehensive Bootstrap widget library ever assembled.  231 meticulously crafted widgets and modules styled directly from Bootstrap’s CSS, each element detailed down to the proper hex codes, line heights, padding and shadowing.

Dismiss alerts, bring up modals, watch placeholders disappear, flip through tabs, the Bootstrap 4 library is impressively functional.

This project has been almost 2 months in the making, I’ve been working on it since Bootstrap announced the alpha release. And I’ve taken the time to make every element as close to the real thing as possible.  You won’t find a more well-built Bootstrap library.


  • h1 – h6 headings
  • Leads, paragraph text, fine print
  • Display headings
  • Blockquotes
  • Standard and outlined buttons
  • Toggles
  • Button groups
  • Button and split button dropdowns
  • Alerts
  • Cards
  • Carousels
  • Jumbotron
  • Labels
  • Pills
  • Pagination
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Working forms and inputs
  • Input groups
  • Dropdowns
  • Tabs and Navigation
  • Navbars
  • Progress bars
  • List groups
  • Modals
  • Tooltips
  • Popovers
  • Accordions
  • Callouts
  • Tables


Bootstrap 4 Widgets (Part 1 of 2)Bootstrap-All-Widgets-(Part-2)

Yeah, it’s massive.

You can download it here.